Dorotea Park in Rohnert Park from 1PM – 5PM

Join us Friday, September 5th



Leadership Team Meetings are held the 1st Friday of every month (September – June). Weekly attendance changes like the season. Friends, family and husbands are welcome! Bring a chair, see you there! CLICK HERE to learn more about CHERP...

Young student studying homework

CO-OP @ Faith Community Church in Rohnert Park

faith_communityFridays: 9am – 1pm in Rohnert Park
Starts September 5th / Students Enroll by August 25th

CO-OP @ Community of Grace in Santa Rosa

community_of_graceConsider Community of Grace to help you home school your children. It is our pleasure to assist you in the important journey to which you have been called. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Algebra Anyone?

I am putting out feelers for an Algebra class starting in the fall. I have two teachers that are possible but no answers or prices yet. This is just my beginning efforts to see if there are students that are interested. Is there an interest in having an Algebra class here in Santa Rosa if I could find a teacher at a reasonable price? Please contact Alice Bailey at or 528-1124.

“Behold, I am the God of all flesh:
is there anything too hard for me?”
Jeremiah 32:27






Wednesday, August 27th from 7:30 – 8:30PM: CO-OP Q + A @ Faith Community Church
This is a casual meeting and opportunity to meet other home school families, ask questions, share resources and support our community.  Some childcare will be available for this hour of conversation, in exchange for tips.  If you know any babysitters, please ask them email to email, sign up and help! Thursday, August 28th from 5:00 – 7:00PM: Community of Grace: RSVP for COG’s Fall Picnic The annual Fall picnic is scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Galvin Park in Santa Rosa on Thursday, August 28th.  Set up starts at 4:30, and a short Parent Meeting starts at 6:30. Turn in required forms for the year, pickup textbooks from tutors, and have a professional family photo taken, all while enjoying friends and good food. Tickets are $3 per person, with a maximum of $15 per family.  Please RSVP to Malia at or to Jennifer Gunderson at You may view the new calendar for 2014-15, read course descriptions, register and pay fees, check the course schedule, print out forms, and much more!  Check it out at, September 5th: CO-OP Classes Begin @ FCC
Students should be registered by August 25th.

Friday, September 5th: CHERP 1st Friday P.E. Pot-Luck + Planning from 2:00 – 4:00PM

Everyone is welcome! There will be simple games for the kids and a pot-luck to welcome the beginning of a new school year. If you can, bring a finger food to share, plus a chair and we hope to see you there!

CHERP PARK DAYS are officially scheduled from 1:00 – 5:00PM every Friday, year round (except major holidays, and summers are sparse). Leadership Team meetings are held on the 1st Friday of every month (September – June) @ Dorotea Park, and start at 3:15PM. Membership donations are collected on the 1st Friday of September. We ask for a donation of $20 per family to help with miscellaneous event supplies and printed materials throughout the school year. This is never mandatory, and all families welcome to participate in social events regardless of their financial contribution.

Friday, September 26th: Back-To-School Pictures by Rosalia Lewman @ Dorotea Park
Sign up for individual student or family photos! The cost is $15.00 per child or $40.00 per family.  If it is one child getting pictures we will give them 15 minutes. 2 or more kids we will give 30 minutes. Rosalia will do a few poses of each child. She will have two different “backdrops” one more elementary and one for the older kids. Plans are to take photos at the park, starting at 2pm. In case of bad weather, photos will be set up indoors at Faith Community Church. The schedule starts at 2:00PM, Send a message to to get on the list!

GOT HSLDA? CHERP members receive a 20% discount for annual membership.  Please send a message to request this number:

Did you know? The Home School Foundation (the charitable arm of HSLDA), has a page. If we go to this page, instead of just, a portion of our purchase goes to the charity. Several families purchase their curriculum through Amazon, and make household purchases as well. It’s an easy way to support homeschooling. It even works with Amazon Prime.

Homestay for American Students to go to Japan:  There are two scholarships available for our students to go as American Ambassadors :-).  Scholarship covers round trip airfare.  Meals are provided by the Japanese host families.  Costs not covered would be traveler’s insurance and medical costs for any injury or sickness that might occur.This is for students age 15 – 18 for a two week stay in a Japanese home from Dec. 1 thru 15, 2014.  I have all the requirement information if anyone is interested in applying.  Contact Alice at 528-1124.  Applications must be submitted by September 15.

Please let us know if you have announcements, events, resources or group activities that you would like posted to the CHERP website!




Help the Stanley Family of Cotati


The Stanely Family lost their home and all their belongings.

They all got out safely but need our help with basic needs. Please donate anything you can.

The Stanley Family will be living in their small granny unit in the back of their home for quite a long time. If you know anyone who has an RV or travel trailer they do not use that might be a real help them as they are crowded into a very small space.

Here are some things that would be useful- with winter and back to school clothes in mind, not just summer:

Used laptop powerful enough for playing online games
Kitchen cookware and cooking implements, silverware ( we have dishes)
Everyday household tools
Blankets and comforters
Towels- all sizes
Power drill
TV, furniture and appliances ( please send photos to and we can arrange for pickup)

14 year old boy:  size 8 tennis shoes and socks,hiking boots  mens size small clothes ( sweats, flannel shirts, sweatpants, winter coat, casual jacket for mid range weather), wallet

12 year old boy: size 6 sandals & socks, hiking boots, boys size 14 clothes  sweat pants and shirts, winter jacket, casual jacket, wallet

Mom- everyday shoes, tennis shoes,  and sandals size 61/2- 7   ( not high heels), size 4 winter coat/jacket

Dad- size 36 waist for pants and XL for tops- flannel shirts, jeans, sweatpants and shirts, casual shirts (no tees), winter jacket, work boots and casual shoes/tennis shoes/work socks  size 11.

Also the father is looking to buy a reasonably priced used work truck that doesn’t need much work done on it and has good tires.

Cash donations can be made at any Summit Bank branch by going in and telling them it is for the Stanley Family of Cotati.

Online cash donations can be made at   Insurance is  not covering their needs so every little bit helps.

Drivers Education Poll

Our members would like to know what families have done for Driver’s Ed. Please respond here, and send an email with any details you think are important and would like to share with the home school community.

Beginner Programming Class: Starts July 17th

Dylan is a Computer Engineer and Cal Poly student interning at Agilent this summer and is offering this class.

Please share with interested parties.

Overview: This Class will be teaching beginner programming. It will focus on the Java programming language and Object Orientation. The class will also teach problem solving skills related to computer science and programming.

Objectives: To give students the tools they need to feel comfortable with programming, even with programming languages other than Java. To give students a valuable introduction into computer science education, and resources to learn more according to their interests.

Must be 10+ years old
Basic math skills ( +, -, /, x)
Have a laptop to bring
Desire to learn/ interest

Starting Date: 7/17/14 Time: Wednesday 7pm-9pm or Thursday 7pm-9pm Length: 7 weeks Location: 914 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, CA 94504
Price: $30/week for 1 student Or Family Rate: $50/week for 2 students and + $15/week for each additional student

 4th year Computer Engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
 5 years of experience programming Java
 1 year Internship at Shopatron where I built a automation program in Java
 Current Intern at Agilent where I am working on C# code
 Tutored my older brother and his friends in math
To sign up or request more information please email me at

TCHEN 2014


Fellow Homeschool Famlies,

It’s never too early, you can sign up to help with TCHEN next year! Room hosts, Registration table helpers, and door monitors for the exhibitor hall are encouraged to apply. All volunteers need to be 18 or older or with and adult. Here are detailed descriptions:

Room hosts: after checking in at registration table, volunteer will bring water for the speaker, help attendees find seating and help speaker with handouts. Also will be compensated a free recording of your choice when hosting 3 or more workshops.

Registration help: help attendees check… in.

Door monitors:
welcome attendees to the exhibtor hall and make sure they have a bracelet.

If you would like to help, email TCHEN at info@tchen, or email Dawn Martin at

Thanks so much!


fun, friends, fitness and faith

EVERY FRIDAY @ Dorotea Park in Rohnert Park
“Bring a chair, see you there!” 1 – 5pm


On most rainy days, you can  find CHERP
@ Faith Community Church in Rohnert Park

Friends from CHERP are at the park most Friday’s, between 1 and 5pm. Schedules , like the weather, vary; please join us throughout the school year! We have Leadership Team meetings scheduled for the 1st Friday of every month, at 3:15pm. Anyone is welcome to attend with questions/comments/ideas…  On the 1st Friday of each month, starting February 6th, join us for a P.E. + POT LUCK + PLAN event! We also coordinate clothing and curriculum swaps on occasion. If you would like to host/plan an event, send an email to!


Have you heard the latest?

An Evening of Creative Expression was enjoyed by all who attended on Saturday evening! Students performed live and shared their works with creative videos. Follow the link below to view our gallery of art displays, class collections, community projects and see the launch of a siege weapon from the Middle Ages! Can you guess its name?


The ‘Fall Evening of Creative Expression’ has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 4, 2014. Start thinking about your performances, displays and expressions of creativity now, and signs ups will happen early September.


Interested in CO-OP?
Here’s what we know so far…

  •  Friday’s from 9:30 – 1pm at Faith Community Church in Rohnert Park
  • Our calendar is forming: We are looking for teachers and students to participate in a variety of courses. Ongoing subjects, one-day workshops or condensed , guest speakers, we’re open to suggestions.
  • There are rumors of health + cooking, ancestry, art and basic computer classes.

This was a spontaneous decision to re-establish Co-Op days through CHERP! Mike + Patricia Hayward have graciously offered the use of Faith Community Church and their time for the 2014-15 school year. This is something we will discuss in detail at the 1st Friday meeting at Dorotea Park on April 4th. Please bring your thoughts/suggestions/questions/students and we will be ready to start the meeting after 3pm.

ICE SKATING: Wednesdays, May 7th-May 28th. 10:30-11:30am
Please RSVP if you would like to participate and secure this school program for your kid(s) for the month of May. I will make the arrangements with our contact at Snoopy’s Home Ice once I have a list together.

Lots of moms + students have been dreaming of ice skating again before summer.! Dates/Details for an official CHERP session are as follows: 10:30-11:30am Wednesdays, May 7th-May 28th. The pricing is as follows: for four weeks, 20-39 skaters is $528 (maximum works out to be= $26.40 pp), 40-59 skaters is $648 (maximum works out to be $16.20 pp), and 60-79 skaters is $768 (max. = $12.80 pp)

FREE passes to cool places!
All you need is a library card! Here’s the website for the library’s “Discover & Go” program:

Sonoma Family Life: Family Expo & Camp Fair
Friday 11 April 2014
What to Do About Summer?

Can anyone from CHERP help volunteer for 2-4 hours at this event? This will earn trade for CHERP with SFL, so that we can afford to include flyers and CHERP announcements in future event give-away bags and such. We are given a credit of $20 per hour, per person. The cost to include flyers in per-sorted bags and materials is generally $95. The cost for us to have a booth at one of these events (not necessarily important), would be over $400. Connect with Jess @ with questions or to coordinate.

That’s all for now… please send a message to with anything new!