Help the Stanley Family of Cotati


The Stanely Family lost their home and all their belongings.

They all got out safely but need our help with basic needs. Please donate anything you can.

Here are some things that would be useful- with winter and back to school clothes in mind, not just summer:

Used laptop powerful enough for playing online games
Kitchen cookware and cooking implements, silverware ( we have dishes)
Everyday household tools
Blankets and comforters
Towels- all sizes
Power drill
TV, furniture and appliances ( please send photos to and we can arrange for pickup)

14 year old boy:  size 8 tennis shoes and socks,hiking boots  mens size small clothes ( sweats, flannel shirts, sweatpants, winter coat, casual jacket for mid range weather), wallet

12 year old boy: size 6 sandals & socks, hiking boots, boys size 14 clothes  sweat pants and shirts, winter jacket, casual jacket, wallet

Mom- everyday shoes, tennis shoes,  and sandals size 61/2- 7   ( not high heels), size 4 winter coat/jacket

Dad- size 36 waist for pants and XL for tops- flannel shirts, jeans, sweatpants and shirts, casual shirts (no tees), winter jacket, work boots and casual shoes/tennis shoes/work socks  size 11.

Also the father is looking to buy a reasonably priced used work truck that doesn’t need much work done on it and has good tires.

Cash donations can be made at any Summit Bank branch by going in and telling them it is for the Stanley Family of Cotati.

Online cash donations can be made at   Insurance is  not covering their needs so every little bit helps.

This Week + SUMMER @ CHERP


Home School Book Sale!

Saturday, July 26th @ 9am-Noon
1508 Gary Court, RP 94928


Friday, August 15th @ Dorotea Park

Algebra Anyone?

I am putting out feelers for an Algebra class starting in the fall. I have two teachers that are possible but no answers or prices yet. This is just my beginning efforts to see if there are students that are interested. Is there an interest in having an Algebra class here in Santa Rosa if I could find a teacher at a reasonable price?

Please contact Alice Bailey at or 528-1124.

“Behold, I am the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?”
Jeremiah 32:27




CHERP PARK DAYS every Friday
1:00 – 5:00PM at Dorotea Park in Rohnert Park

Attendance goes up and down and changes like the season, everyone is welcome every week! Bring a chair, see you there!
Click here to learn more about CHERP...


2014-15 CO-OP Friday’s @

Classes begin Friday, September 5th
9:00AM to 1:00PM
Students: Please sign up by August 25th

community_of_graceCommunity of Grace (COG) in Santa Rosa has offered to cross-promote our co-op courses, social activities and resources. They have a solid student base  and classes to share with an emphasis on Junior High and High School!



Description : Learn how to draw/paint a still life, landscapes, portraits, etc. using value, perspective and techniques of the Masters. Taught by local artist and credentialed teacher, Maria Crane. Work in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media to develop your own artistic style and a portfolio of completed works. Lots of individualized attention in a small class size and beautiful outdoor setting.

We spend the first hour learning drawing skills and the second hour painting the drawings. It is wonderful to experience with multiple family members.Come experience the joy of the creative process with like minded individuals and develop the right side of your brain at the same time!

Camp Dates: June 16-20, July 21-25,  August 11-15

time: 10-12 pm    Address : 914 Cherry St ages: 6 -adults

Camp Cost : $100 per session /10% discount for additional family members

Maria Crane    322-8002

girls 8 to 18

Come learn what styles, colors look best on you and how to accessorize with flare. We will embellish our clothes, create artsy T-shirts, and make jewelry and accessories as well.  Dates: June 30-July 3 from 10-2 pm (bring a lunch) cost $175/10 % off for siblings

Drivers Education Poll

Our members would like to know what families have done for Driver’s Ed. Please respond here, and send an email with any details you think are important and would like to share with the home school community.

Fighting Robot Competition at Chimera!


Join us at our second-annual Sonoma Ant Wars miniature fighting robot competition!

Sonoma Ant Wars 2014!

Chimera Arts & Maker Space
Saturday, August 2, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
Sebastopol, CA

Chimera is hosting an all-day miniature fighting robot competition August 2nd. We will have over 30 mini fighting robots ranging from a few ounces up to a few pounds. These robots may be small, but they pack a serious punch!

This is an all-ages, family friendly event, so bring the kids!

Tickets are on sale now, so make sure to get them soon! 

Beginner Programming Class: Starts July 17th

Dylan is a Computer Engineer and Cal Poly student interning at Agilent this summer and is offering this class.

Please share with interested parties.

Overview: This Class will be teaching beginner programming. It will focus on the Java programming language and Object Orientation. The class will also teach problem solving skills related to computer science and programming.

Objectives: To give students the tools they need to feel comfortable with programming, even with programming languages other than Java. To give students a valuable introduction into computer science education, and resources to learn more according to their interests.

Must be 10+ years old
Basic math skills ( +, -, /, x)
Have a laptop to bring
Desire to learn/ interest

Starting Date: 7/17/14 Time: Wednesday 7pm-9pm or Thursday 7pm-9pm Length: 7 weeks Location: 914 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, CA 94504
Price: $30/week for 1 student Or Family Rate: $50/week for 2 students and + $15/week for each additional student

 4th year Computer Engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
 5 years of experience programming Java
 1 year Internship at Shopatron where I built a automation program in Java
 Current Intern at Agilent where I am working on C# code
 Tutored my older brother and his friends in math
To sign up or request more information please email me at

TCHEN 2014


Fellow Homeschool Famlies,

It’s never too early, you can sign up to help with TCHEN next year! Room hosts, Registration table helpers, and door monitors for the exhibitor hall are encouraged to apply. All volunteers need to be 18 or older or with and adult. Here are detailed descriptions:

Room hosts: after checking in at registration table, volunteer will bring water for the speaker, help attendees find seating and help speaker with handouts. Also will be compensated a free recording of your choice when hosting 3 or more workshops.

Registration help: help attendees check… in.

Door monitors:
welcome attendees to the exhibtor hall and make sure they have a bracelet.

If you would like to help, email TCHEN at info@tchen, or email Dawn Martin at

Thanks so much!


Summer Film Project for Kids: July 19th

Summer film project for kids, in Penngrove: SatURDAY July 19, 2014


For the last 8 summers, a group of us (mostly all homeschool families) have been doing a one day project where the kids act out a Bible story and then we make it into a film.  Originally the kids were all from our Awana club, but they had so much fun that they invited their friends and it sort of grew from there.
The films focus on a more obscure Bible character, or the “backstory” behind one of the main stories.  We do not use costumes, but stay in modern (but modest) clothes.  Last year, for example, we did a film on Paul’s friends Priscilla and Aquila.  The year before that it was the lame man at the Beautiful Gate, who was healed by Peter and John.
This year the film will be “Obadiah–A Light in the Darkness” and will tell the story of Obadiah, who was the “chief of the palace” for King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.  Unknown to the king and queen, Obadiah was a faithful believer, who secretly hid many other believers and prophets, to protect them from Jezebel’s persecution.
We have a lot of fun doing these films, and a couple of “traditions” have emerged, which (to the kids’ delight) are always part of every script:
1)  Somewhere, somehow, In ‘n Out hamburgers have to be in one of the scenes.
2)  There HAS to be a battle!
To be part of the film project, we ask that kids be at least school age, and be able to follow directions.  Nobody has to learn more than one or two lines at a time, so no worries about having to learn pages of dialogue!
The location is in Penngrove, near Penngrove Community Church.
The date is Saturday, July 19, from 8:30 am till around 2:30/3:00 pm
If you are interested, let me know the names and ages of the kids!
Monty Chipman